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Indasa Rhynostick Discs - 500 Grit - Box of 100

Indasa Rhynostick Discs - 500 Grit - Box of 100

Indasa Rhynostick Discs are part of the Rhynostick Whiteline series. For use with orbital sanders, these self-adhesive, high strength backing discs, have an aluminium oxide abrasive grain.

Best Uses

Indasa Rhynostick Discs are for use with orbital sanders and can be used on, old paint, fillers, primers, fibre glass, gel coat, metal, soft and resinous wood, wood coatings, walls and dry walls.


Heavy Duty Sanding

Sanding / Preparation

Fine Sanding


Protective Backing Paper - Peel tab for easy removal

Aluminium Oxide abrasive grain

Aggressive cut with excellent clog resistance = longer working life

Multi-purpose usage

Sold in Packs of 100

Indasa Rhynostick Discs - 500 Grit - Box of 100
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