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About Us

Rabid Graphics Ltd is a relatively new company, based in Sunderland, in the North-East of England.

One of the people behind Rabid Graphics, Colin, previously worked at Hydro Monkeys Ltd and was later a part-owner of Big Dawg Hydrographics Supplies Ltd. He has always, irrespective of location, done everything he can put the customer 100% at the top of the list. This is how things will work at Rabid Graphics, where we will base our entire business model on the basis that, if we look after you, you will look after us, and the business will be able to take care of itself. We are a people first organisation and value our relationships with both customers and suppliers above everything.

In April of 2019, the decision was made to move all of the online sales and services offered by Big Dawg Hydrographics Supplies over to Rabid Graphics purely because of available time and space. Moving forwards, Rabid Graphics has the flexibility to continue to expand and grow while other commitments would probably have negatively affected Big Dawg's ability to do the same.  In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, all of the same products, product codes, categories and more are being maintained. The only differences to the customer will be the name of the company on the invoice, and the address where it is sent from - we will work to maintain and exceed our already exceptional levels of customer service. 

Rabid Graphics is going to be 100% family run, initially at least, with 3 generations involved from day one, but this may have to change as we grow. Family is everything and we invite you to be part of ours as we move forwards.

  • We will continue to push for better with our main priority being on growing the company organically. We will continue to add new patterns to our already huge range of Hydrographics Film.
  • We already have probably the largest range of IN-STOCK patterns in the UK, and it's a list which will continue to grow.
  • As a result of a fantastic relationship with an established motor factor in the area, we are also now able to offer a massive range of Bodyshop products, from Paints and primers, to sandpaper, disks, polishes, clearcoats, sealants and much much more.
  • As we have worked hard to build our relationship with our main aerosol supplier, we now offer more range and choice in the form of aerosol products than any other hydrographics supplier in the UK.
  • Invaluable contacts around the world mean we will be able to source and supply new and unique products and we will continue to intensely test every product before we ask our customers to actually buy it.
  • Speed shapes might be boring and uninspiring to talk about but like everything else we do, we will work to be the best, and as such we also have the widest range of speed shapes available anywhere in the UK.
  • At 4 distinct products, we also already have one of the widest range of Hydrographics activators available anywhere and we are going to work on offering you every possible option - we are not going to be the company which always claims the single product they sell is the best, we will stock a range and let you make up your own minds.
  • We have one of the widest range of exclusive patterns of any UK supplier, with designs from Heaven Styled Customs, Blazing Coatings, Big Brain Graphics and Deep Paint Hydrographics as well as our own unique designs.

Every day, in every way, we will strive to do better than we did yesterday and we welcome you along for the ride as we build what we are certain will be, by far, the biggest, best and most comprehensive Hydrographics and Custom Paint supply companies in the UK and Europe. The truth is, the only real competition we have is ourselves and we will out-perform ourselves every chance we get.