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Animal/Animal Skins

A range of patterns including fur, snakeskin and other skin designs, along with some featuring the animals themselves

Brand: Rabid Graphics Product Code: RGDT
A modern interpretation of the well-know rattlesnake sigil contained on the Gadsden Flag. Brand new as of December 2017 and exclusive to Big Dawg in the UK and Europe, Don't Tread On Me is a highly detailed custom film from Rabid Graphics, Black and clear for maximum customisation options, this is o..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SNK04
Well known and widely used snakeskin pattern.  Absolutely amazing looking when applied over silver then covered in a candy.Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC08
Well with our history, we had to didn't we - way meaner looking than Big Dawgs own Monty, but how could we pass up a dawg pattern???Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SNK06
A super-detailed film featuring striking rattlesnakes with (for some reason) a pierced tongue - definitely unique!Film Width: 100cmPremium 40 micron thick filmRecommended Base: White will keep the colours correct, like most full colour films..
Product Code: MSC16
Erm, well, it's pink, and has a cat on it, not really much more to say although there are some roses in the corners - definitely one of our more feminine looking patterns.Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: White..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SNK02
Well known and widely used snakeskin pattern.Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: Anything Light but white makes the colours pop..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SNK05
The original Red Boa is an extremely popular pattern and we now have it available in 100cm wide (the original was only 50cm)Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: White or silverPRO TIP:  This film likes a little extra room for expansion after activation - make sure you allow for it to avoid unwant..
Roses - Black and Clear (50cm) Roses - Black and Clear (50cm)
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Product Code: MSC07
A black, grey and pattern featuring nothing but roses.  Use any base colour to colour the roses to your needs.Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: White, Red, Yellow, pretty much anything light or bright...
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SKU16
Creepy looking combo of spiders and skulls, brand new design to the market as of May 2017 and we're proud to be the first UK supplier to bring it to you....Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything Light or Coloured..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SKU33
Creepy skulls with skeletal snakes writhing through the holes.Another film printed on thicker PVA for stability when dipping.Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything - it doesn't really matter as this film is silver backed...
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: SNK01
A black and clear snakeskin pattern.  It's been around about as long as hydrographics have been done privately and lots of clear areas mean maximum customising options.Film Width: 90cmRecommended Base: Anything colourful or light..
Brand: Big Brain Graphics Product Code: BBW
Hope you aren't scared of spiders?  Extra layers of white and colour give this unique pattern amazing depth as well as detailFilm Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything..
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