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We have resumed shipments to the EU despite excessive delays caused by Brexit and Covid.

The EU customs authorities are taking 2-3 WEEKS extra to process orders from the UK and we aren't willing to ask our customers to wait that much time for an order without them knowing in advance that the delay is present.

Any orders going to the EU are excluded from our delivery time estimates as a result - we will do our bit and get your order out as quickly as possible but once it leaves us, we are at the mercy of the couriers and customs agencies.


Brand: Promatic Product Code: GC500
Product CharacteristicsEasy in useFast dryingProduct TypeNitro-cellulose binderCoverage 3 to 4 m²Drying Time The drying time depends on temperature, humidity and the thickness of the applied coat.Code GC500Surface PreparationThe surface should be clean, dry and free of grease.Tre..
Brand: ProXL Product Code: PRC500
ProCleaner is an efficient and reliable antistatic cleaner and degreaser suitable for cleaning all interior and exterior plastic car parts, removing dirt, grease, oil, silicone, wax, tar, adhesive residues etc.Product BenefitsExcellent cleaning of plastic partsAntistatic formulaRemoves silicone, gre..
Brand: ProXL Product Code: UG500
UltraGrip is a technically advanced promoter that has excellent grip to virtually any substrate, has been tested on the following:All types of plastic, any non ferrous metal including aluminium & stainless steel, also glass, porcelain and E coat substrates.Incredible adhesionFast dryingVery low ..
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