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A place for all of the patterns which don't quite fit anywhere else.  As time passes and our range continues to grow, we may create new categories for some of these, but for now, no pattern will be homeless.....

Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: CSH04
A full colour pattern with $100 BillsFilm Width: 50cmRecommended Base: White..
Brand: Infected Hydro Product Code: MSC04
An original design from US based Infected Hydrographics. Creepy looking Aliens out to get you!Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything light but green is the winner!..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC18
Water with a dark-side.....Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
Brand: Heaven Styled Customs Product Code: HSB
Another pattern produced by UK design collaboration Heaven Styled Customs before it became part of our own Rabid Graphics brand. Detailed hearts and veins - looks great if you take the time to airbursh some red candy over the hearts...Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything light..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: LIG04
There has been a 50cm pattern which is visually very similar to this pattern available for a LONG time, but this one is a definite improvement in almost every way.  Not only is it 100cm wide, which the majority of you prefer as you can do way bigger jobs with it easily, it now comes printed on ..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC26
Water droplets on a clear base.....Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC12
Ah the old grey matter - not a lot gets done without it :DFilm Width: 50cmRecommended Base: White..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: CSH05
A black and clear pattern with $100 Bills artfully arranged into rosesFilm Width: 50cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC09
A black, grey and pattern featuring Poker chips, cards, dice, all the things to make a night in Vegas.  The designer also snuck in a couple of anime-style characters!Film Width: 50cmRecommended Base: White, or silver with or without a candy topcoat..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: MSC20
Black and clear squares - call it a chessboard, call it a checkered flag, whatever you prefer.  One of the most commonly asked questions about this film and films of this style is "How big are the squares?" so we put the answer right there in the title - they're 15mm on each side, and we also a..
Brand: Big Brain Graphics Product Code: BBC
A unique pattern from Big Brain in the USA, Courage is a black and clear film featuring ribbons in the style of the ones used by so many charities and causes to show awareness. Because the film has the ribbons in clear you can make them whatever colour you choose by altering the baseFilm Width: 100c..
Brand: Unbranded/Generic Product Code: CRA01
A Black and clear cracked paint pattern.Film Width: 100cmRecommended Base: Anything Light..
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