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Complete Dip Kits

Looking for an all-in-one solution or a comprehensive starter kit to get you going? Look no further. These are the exact same kits we sell on eBay but a little cheaper as we don't have to pay the eBay fees on direct sales. Everything you need to get started except for an item (or items) to dip, and a place to dip them.  Prep, primer, paint, film, activator, all covered in one handy kit.  If you take the time to add all of the items up in our store, you'll see the kits are almost exactly the same price, but you also get essential extras like scuff pads, wet n dry paper, gloves, instructions and more all thrown in.....

Every film available now or coming soon....

Brand: Rabid Graphics Product Code: DK-ANY
Complete starter kit for home use - all you need is the part to dip, and somewhere to dip it.  Find the product code of the pattern you want from our catalogue and enter it in the box provided.Simply select your preferred Primer, Basecoat colour and Clear Laquer on the right and you're good to ..
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