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Intercoat Clear Solvent Basecoat Aerosol (400ml)

Intercoat Clear Solvent Basecoat Aerosol (400ml)

Absolutely ideal for a range of custom paint jobs, especially hydrographics.  Canned in-house here at Rabid Graphics, we use genuine Automotive basecoat paint and a high quality blank aerosol can to ensure you get the best, most reliable results.

Intercoat Clear is a simply basecoat paint without any coloured pigments added and allows you to create a paintable surface without changing the existing colour or to protect something before a dip.

Some cheaper generic aerosol paints will work ok with the hydrographics process, but these basecoat aerosols are 100% compatible with our range of ProMATIC primers and clears, every one of our hundreds of films, and quality clearcoats.

Available in a range of colours to give the best overall results. You may be able to save a quid or two using a non-basecoat aerosol but these will guarantee compatibility and reliability saving you time AND money re-doing a job which was "ok, ish...."

Intercoat Clear Solvent Basecoat Aerosol (400ml)
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