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ProMATIC Aerosol Satin Black (500ml)

ProMATIC Aerosol Satin Black (500ml)

High quality Satin Black, ready to use in a 500ml aerosol. 

Spraying Tips.


Surfaces need to be clean, dry and free of grease. Depending on the material, the surface needs to be derusted, filled, sanded and cleaned.
Surfaces that are not to be painted need to be taped off with tape and paper, then the surfaces need to be primed. The ideal work temperature lies between +15 and +20°C.
Avoid direct sunlight!


Shake the can vigorously for about 2 minutes starting from the time when the mixing balls can be heard in the can. This is very important to ensure that the coloured pigments is well stirred and mixed in. This is the only way to obtain the right paint colour.

Getting ready

If possible spray outdoors, or in a well ventilated room (cellar, workshop or garage). Indoors you must cover the surrounding area well to protect it from the fine misting of spray paint. Mask any areas not to be painted. Good illumination is also important, to let you see whether you have painted over the whole area.


When spray painting, always hold the can vertically. Check the colour tone by means of spray tests. Never spray straight away onto the object to be painted. Spray first onto a test piece e.g. a newspaper or masking material. Be sure to spray from the correct distance of 25 - 30 cm. Different objects call for different spray techniques. Start spraying close to the object but not directly onto it. Press the actuator button down fully. Move the can slowly and evenly back and forth, changing direction only after the spray has moved past the object. This makes it easier to control the amount of paint falling onto the object and lets you ensure that too much paint does not build up, forming runs or “tear drops”. Wait 2-3 minutes between the cross-coats.
Don’t try to get a perfectly smooth surface at the first pass. The first pass should be regarded as a preparatory coat on which you will build a smooth even finish with the second and perhaps third passes, spraying before the previous coat is fully dry, but with 1 or 2 minutes between each pass. Further coats can then only be applied after 24 hours, otherwise there is the risk of lifting.

After use

Turn the can on its head and spray the valve empty. This avoids the spray head from becoming blocked. For more information, please read the label on the can itself.

ProMATIC Aerosol Satin Black (500ml)
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